Complex derivative tools technologies, such as futures, options for digital and real assets

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Some but not only Advantages of SAWA

DEX Derivatives - SAWA focused on not only on usual DEX functions development but mainly on such instruments as derivatives trading.
Access to private of high-quality projects that are usually only available to VC and institutional investors.
There is no restrictions for retail investors;
Fair token distribution system. Even if there is not a large volume of SAWA coins purchased or in token staking - you can get a guaranteed allocation.
The investors get access to seed rounds without huge capital requires and whitelist queues;
Evaluation of projects and recommendations for exiting projects. High-deflationary token model.

Early stage performance examples

Private Sale
Public Sale
Exit price
% growth
63 378%
509 900%
3 233%
March 2022
March 2022

SAWA Ecosystem

OTC (Over The Counter Market)

SAWA OTC links supply and demand through a token exchange model. The system works as follows - you place an order to sell tokens at a certain price, and the other party (investors or SAWA itself) buys tokens from you.

This solves two problems:

  • liquidity increases significantly, and you can sell your position before the end of the token lock-up period.
  • you can buy a project at an early stage even after the end of the round in case you didn’t have time or want to increase your position
DEX exchange

At the final stage of development, the DEX exchange for trading will be integrated into the SAWA platform. It is no secret that today investors are starting to move away from centralization due to the possibility of regulation and restrictions.

For this reason, SAWA is integrating the DEX exchange to use derivatives in their standard form but we develop it fully decentralized with leveraged tokens. So far existing solutions even on DEXes are not offering decentralised leverage trading tool.

Integration of payment services

For greater convenience, SAWA integrates a payment system that allows you to directly replenish your wallet bypassing stock markets and exchangers. This will facilitate the replenishment of the wallet, and as a result, the purchase of one of the SAWA products

NFT marketplace

NFT marketplace on SAWA platform, the section has dual purpose: launching NFTs for GameFi and NFT projects and issuing our own limited collections timed to events - such as new partnerships or global events, this ones has as investment value also the social one as it might be used for reaching internal rating (to get additional benefits), it might be gifted to experts and speakers in our built in social media (SAWA expert), it might be given for rent (after integration with one of our future partner using their technology).

SAWA Expert

This is a built in social media. On our platform, you can write expert articles or become a critic. Thus, you can, firstly, gain popularity by getting into the dashboard of the best articles, communicate, rate, write comments, make donations of NFT stickers.

All activities as an expert or critic, donor or gifted one are also taken into account when assigning a rating and increasing your investment opportunities in early stage projects (seed and private).

This is also an ecological and organic tool for our partners, KOLs and ourselves to help each other and grow our communities together.


Q3 2021

Airdrop launch Marketing program launch Access to projects at early stages (private sale)

Q1 2022

  • Seed-round Hiring project scouts
  • Modernization marketing program
  • Introduction to the market (roadmap creation, pitch deck, landing page)

Q2 2022

  • Whitepaper creation
  • Projects smart-contract creation and scouting (for 5 months)
  • Platform beta version launch
  • Projects purchase (initial working capital)
  • 3-6 projects fundraising launch

Q1 2023

Patents registration:

  • Marketplace with the sawastarter smart contract standard (sws)
  • Perpetual derivatives protocol (decentralised derivatives and leverage trading)
  • Marketplace audit
  • Partnership with chainlink
  • Distribution launch
  • Partnership with okex
  • Airdrop
  • Participation in conferences
  • Marketplace marketing launch

Q4 2022

  • Implementation of systems in the platform (SAWA-expert integration)
  • Platform alpha version launch
  • Start the developing of Neural Network Analytical and Score System (NNAaSS) program

Q3 2022

  • Implementation of systems in the platform (Launchpad launch)
  • Setting a company, Private round
  • 3-6 projects fundraising launch

Q2 2023

  • Dev team strengthen (hiring)
  • Nft marketplace launch
  • OTC launch
  • Marketing

Q3 2023

  • Exchange beta version
  • Company evaluation
  • Launch of a commercial company

Q4 2023

  • Alpha-version of the exchange launch
  • Exchange audit
  • Launch of pharming (earn section)
  • Marketing
  • Token listing

Token Review

No initial unlock
After 6 month of listing (TGE), linear vesting over 42 months
Liquidity providing
2% initial unlock on TGE
Cliff 1 month, then linear vesting over 35 months
SAWA Foundation
1% initial unlock on TGE
Cliff 1 month, then linear vesting over 59 months
No initial unlock
After 3 month of listing (TGE), linear vesting over 24 months
Seed / Pre-Sale1
3% initial unlock on TGE
Cliff 1 month, then linear vesting over 25 months
3% initial unlock on TGE
Cliff 1 month, then linear vesting over 25 months
3% initial unlock on TGE
Cliff 2 month, then linear vesting over 25 months
Public Sale (Up to)
5% initial unlock on TGE
Cliff 1 month, then linear vesting over 9 months
Seed / Pre-Sale 1
Pre-Sale 2
Pre-Sale 3
Public Sale (Up to)
Liquidity Providing
SAWA Venture Fund
Affilate Programm

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